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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There's an app for that.

So I did make homemade falafel the other night as said. It was quite easy. Just a can of chick peas, an onion, garlic and spices with a bit of flour then fry it in a pan. I don't feel like typing out the recipe so if you want it, you can find it here on Seeds for Meat.

Then I served it in a whole wheat pita with whatever type of dressing you like. The huz went for honey mustard. It was yum.

Further laziness: I only took a photo of the finished product. Here it is.

You could also choose to be healthy and add in some lettuce and other veggies. I choose to be lazy.

Last night I was very excited to make an Avocado Mango and Black Bean Salad that I found off of the Whole Foods App on my iPhone. The app is quite great for anyone with allergies and/or special diets as you can select what filters you want to sort the recipes by. I obviously chose vegan, and this popped up. They also have the option to search gluten free. I assume I'll use that one eventually. Now if you don't have an iPhone yet, I guess it's just sad being you and you can pretend you didn't read this last paragraph.

I also found my new favorite smoothie recipe on here (1 cup soy milk, 2 tablespoons almond butter, and a cup of frozen strawberries blended together= ecstacy). As a side note, I use a Magic Bullet for all of my smoothies as it's great for small servings and can go in the dishwasher. However, please don't confuse this with any sexual objects that may appear if you choose to Google it. I am definitely referring to the blender, not the vibrator.

But back to the point. Whole Foods and their app definitely let me down last night. My avocado mango salad was not a success. By far one of the nastiest things I've ever tried to eat. The huz wouldn't even try it, and that's saying something. I know the mango and the avocado were delicious as I ate half of each while preparing the salad, so it wasn't their fault. I think it was the nasty vinaigrette. I should have tasted it before dumping it all over my uber delicious produce. What a waste. I wish I had a compost. Then I would feel a bit better about all of this. Instead I wasted half of my lovely fruit bowl and threw it all into the trash. I think this experience wins a point for lazy. An hour cutting all my produce to throw it out. Not cool.

Here's a photo of my very appetizing salad.

And my sad fruit bowl now.

But luckily I had ingredients on hand to make old faithful: vegan happy pizza. If you'd like to see my recipe for that, click here.

Tonight I'm making this recipe for General Tso's Tofu. I'm excited. I'm hoping I can't eff this one up too badly especially since friends are coming over and I have more people to poisen besides the huz. I'll let you know if they're still my friends tomorrow.

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